I am not receiving all my emails; what do I do?
Double check that the person/people saying they are getting a bounce-back are entering in your email correctly. If they are replying to a message your sent the instructions below may resolve your problem.

Log on to MyFIT at: http://myfit.fitnyc.edu

Or go directly to the email website at: http://imail.fitnyc.edu

Enter your FIT Username
Enter your Password
Click Login

(If you logged onto MyFIT click on the email icon located in the upper right hand corner of the page; continue with the instructions below.)

    Go to "Actions" located in top left corner
    Select "Manage User Options"
    Find Reply to: make sure the email address ends in @fitnyc.edu not    @imail.fitsuny.edu
    Click Save (Located towards the top of the page)
    Send a test email to your FIT email account and from your FIT email account

If this did not resolve your problem please view other articles. If you cannot find a solution please email TechHelp@fitnyc.edu with a description of your problem, your FIT ID number (@number) and current password.